Swedish Locksmiths

If your company requires a simple key management system, Traka21 is the solution. Traka21 is easy to install and administer, without need of a network or PC software. Each unit provides complete control of up to 21 keys or key sets. Traka21 shows you who has been issued with a key, when the key was removed from the cabinet and when it was returned. Audit trails give customers complete accountability over their keys.

Låssmeden is a locksmith and security company in Sweden, delivering tailored solutions in security and availability. Through engineering, consulting, installation, after-sales service of mechanical and electro-mechanical intrusion and access control, Låssmeden became one of the top locksmith and security providers in the country.

Skånelås AB is a security provider in Southern Sweden, having been in operation since 1973. They deliver, install and service everything under lock and security, and are authorised by the Swedish Master Locksmith Association - SLR.

I think the greatest advantage of the Traka21 key cabinet is its easy overview and the fact that key management requires very little, if any, administration. This makes Traka21 easy to apply to a variety of businesses. Our customers include car dealers, carpools, rental car companies and local residents’ associations, and we’ve had a great response from them. Many like the convenience of not having to waste time on traditional key management.

Peter Forsberg, Security Installer, Låssmeden

Traka21 is perfect for small businesses, such as home help providers, group homes, car companies, schools and cabin resorts. One of our customers, a home help provider, says the greatest advantage is being able to see who borrows what key, when. This company also lends bicycles to their staff to reach their clients. The Traka21 key cabinet has greatly simplified key management, and has also led to employees being more careful with the bikes now that you can see who last used it if something is wrong.

Gert-Inge Måtegen, Owner, Skånelås AB