Key management on a construction site

YIT is a construction and services company, head-quartered in Helsinki, focused on creating more attractive and sustainable urban environments by building housing, business premises, infrastructure and undertaking other large projects. YIT is building homes in a 150-year-old mill block in Kuopio harbour. This beautiful, red-brick ‘Wanha Mylly’ building will have 44 homes ranging from small studio apartments to large, two-storey loft apartments and mixed use business premises.

The building project began in 2014 with massive demolition work, and the homes will be completed in April 2016. There were a lot of workers at the site, both YIT’s own employees and subcontractors. This made the management of keys at the site very challenging. Traditionally, the attitude towards handing keys to workers has been very casual, and this causes many kinds of problems and lost time.

A step towards secure and more modern key management has been taken at YIT’s Wanha Mylly construction site with the installation of Traka21 – a first in Finland. Traka21’s innovative plug and play system provides the site with the very latest in intelligent key management. Simple, efficient and costeffective, Traka21 helps trace and account for every key or keyset, which are individually locked in place, ensuring that critical business operations are never jeopardised.

Thanks to Traka21, only ten keys are needed at the Wanha Mylly construction site, instead of the 50 used previously.

If it was up to me, we would use Traka21 at my next site. I recommend it to anyone in the construction industry. We have not lost a single key since we started using Traka21.

Mika Kaskela, Leading Foreman

At its peak, there has been up to 70 people working at the site. We learnt a lot about the Traka21 system and immediately realised the benefits, such as manageability, safety and cost savings.

Petteri Ovaska, Foreman

Often when keys are lost, the locks have to be rekeyed, increasing costs. Traka21 allows us to monitor who has taken a key and we can specify which keys our own employees can take and which are available to subcontractors.

Arttu Räsänen, Foreman